What We Value

Do you have a vibrant presence, are full of excitement, eager to learn and grow, and full of dreams to create an amazing experience for our customers? Then you are the type of person that fits into our culture at Endless! We want people who truly live our core values by being themselves. Everyone brings a unique element to our company, so show your uniqueness! At Endless, we are innovative, eager, event-driven professionals who have a higher purpose beyond just collecting a paycheck. Still interested?

Working At Endless

This is a on-call AV engineer and technician position. Generally, you will be working on a varied schedule based on client events; you will be able to opt in or out of show calls per your availability. Due to the nature of this position you may be required to work extended hours, holidays, and weekends.

You might be curious, where will I work? You will work nationally, and possibly even globally, in venues of all varieties serving client events. You will work with team members scattered around the world and across time zones to build a better culture and service. Want to learn more about working remotely? Do a quick Google search for “remote work”, read How to Find and Get Hired for a Remote Job and The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Job Summary

AV engineers and technicians build, run and tear down all of the technologies at our events. This includes utilizing your specialty (audio, video, lighting, etc) to ensure everything is 100% setup and functional in the timeline given. This position also includes problem solving when something isn’t working and doing everything you can to solve the issue efficiently. You will work with our production designers, account and event managers, and clients to execute their vision for an event. Typical industry roles included in the AV Engineer position include A1, A2, L1, L2, V1, V2, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Rigger. Events include festivals, corporate events, social events, and non-profit events, and ultimately providing the best experience possible. This position is responsible for:

  • Utilize your specialty to execute the area of event you’re assigned to (lighting, sound, video, etc)

  • Collaborate with other AV engineers and technicians to problem solve and execute the event

  • Use Slack, ShoFlo, and other company software to review information for upcoming events including what equipment you will be provided for each event

  • Establishing rapport with clients on-site at events

  • Answer questions from clients in an easy to understand and non-technical manner

  • Provide above and beyond customer service to WOW clients.

  • Give feedback post event on how to improve the event in the future

Want to learn more about the job?

As you should know by now, at Endless, we love to learn & grow, so assuming you are excited about this opportunity and want to learn more about what makes someone successful in this position, we recommend the following resources:

Position Requirements

Let's be honest. When going down this list, if you can't whole-heartedly say "That's me!" to all of these, we recommend you look at other positions within the company first.

  • Fantastic customer service skills and the ability to WOW clients with above and beyond service.

  • One (1) year previous experience in shop work dealing in a theatrical or event setting.

  • Full knowledge in one or more of the following areas: Audio, Lighting, Video, Electrics, Rigging, and/or Special Effects.

  • Demonstrated effective troubleshooting skills when working under pressure.

  • Commitment to safety in all aspects of production.

  • Knowledge of general power tools and hand tools.

  • Must withstand activities such as prolonged walking, standing, stairs, stretching, bending, reaching, kneeling, etc.

  • Hear within a normal range and among distracting high noise levels.

  • See with vision correctable to 20/20 in various lighting conditions.

  • Maintain physical and mental stamina when working under pressure when working multiple tasks and meeting deadlines.

  • Availability to work varied shifts to include weekends, holidays and long hours.

  • Carry a weight in excess of 50 pounds.

  • Interpersonal skills to collaborate with fellow employees.

  • Maintain a professional, neat and well-groomed appearance adhering to Endless standards

  • Fast and reliable internet connection & computer

  • Ability to work independently and remotely with little supervision

  • Bias towards immediate action and results

  • Willingness and desire to be part of the foundation of a growing company

  • Strong fit with the Endless culture and unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction

Brownie Points

  • Certifications or trainings from manufacturers/certifying agencies in your field (eg. ETCP, L-Acoustics ST, Varilite/Martin technician, Spyder/Barco certification, etc)

  • Ability to function effectively in more than one technical speciality

  • Forklift/boom lift certifications and ability to work comfortably from heights with appropriate fall protection

  • Competence in industry software for show prep (Vectorworks, Capture, Soundvision, etc)

  • Existing network of vendors and other engineers to work with

Benefits Working At Endless

Working for a rapidly growing, culture based company allows each employee the freedom to work and provide creative input to help move Endless to the top event production company in the nation. That alone has been an enticing offer for our staff, allowing each of our members to expand and strengthen their skills and network. Here are just a few more reasons to work at Endless:

  • Work anywhere in the world that you wish

  • Super flexible working hours (autonomous work with daily check-ins)

  • Slack is our central communication tool

  • With a national presence, we offer many travel opportunities to work hands at our events alongside our talented event staff

  • We have been featured in Inc Magazine for our business success and even asked for our professional opinion on the world’s largest events for BizBash. We have been featured in New York Times best-selling author, Dave Kerpen’s book, Likeable Business from our ability to quickly adapt to our customer’s needs and provide the best client experience.

  • Opportunities to attend conferences and workshops for personal and professional growth through the company

  • Culture is a large part of our business, promising each employee a fun and inviting atmosphere

  • Culture contribution along with performance and pay are evaluated constantly, giving everyone control and fast advancement with the company

  • Endless will offer new job opportunities to current staff members before opening to outside applicants

Learn more about our client, Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is a great example of how the sales team can create a great customer experience. Being knowledgeable and helpful allows the customer to trust you and provide the ideal service for your event. Take note to see how large events like this had multiple points of contact so sometimes selling is not just a matter of closing the deal with one person. Want to learn more about our other clients? View our work page on our website.